‘Impulse Art’ is a live performance where the rhythm of music inspires artist Daniel Pontet to paint with his feet and hands. It is the type of event that grew out of the Action Painting circles, a movement born in the decade of the 1950s that revolutionized the concept of art. Painters no longer approached their canvas with a set image in mind; it is an interaction between the artist and whatever the material may be before the individual's hands or feet. From this encounter derives an image, a sort of residue -the finished painting- and the canvas becomes just a witness of this moment. In this new redefinition, art is seen as an act rather than a product or an object.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ART | MUSIC | FEET & FLESH | experience

WARNING: An Artistic Eruption of Epic Proportions is coming to Downtown Hollywood on May 30th at Runas/Hemingway’s Lounge (219 N. 21st Ave—Dixie Highway and Polk).  Static Art and Performance Art will meet in an erotic exhibition of pigment, canvas, flesh and sound. The scene is set. The time is now. Join us from 7pm ‘til 10pm (or perhaps much later). The venue for this over-the-top extravaganza is one of Hollywood’s most historic; occupied at various times by the likes of Joseph Young, Al Capone, City Hall and Hemingway’s Lounge.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

LAS PAMPAS. Art Performance inspired by experimental music of UOM

Friday, September 12 (8:00 pm) IMPULSE ART -fusion of music and painting- will be presented at Arch Gallery with Daniel Pontet's rendition of "Las Pampas" -inspired by the experimental music of UOM- in homage to EMMA ALVAREZ PINEIRO's current exhibition, "Terra Mia". Arch Gallery: 1619 SW 13st St. Miami FL 33145. 

Arch Gallery (Miami) | Sept 12 (8pm): IMPULSE ART/UOM | Balerdi-Fiorda-Pontet

Sunday, June 29, 2014


FUSION OF MUSIC AND PAINTING. Live art experience @ West Palm Beach Waterfront on July 4th (6:30pm) Artist Daniel Pontet painting with his feet inspired by Chamber Music. String Quartet (Umoja McNeish, Shamari Charlotin, Elizabeth Maraj, Jaleel Jones) Event organized by City West Palm Beach of Parks and Recreation. Division of Community Events. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


'INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE ARTISTS | MIAMI -a group art exhibition featuring talented artists from around the world (April 17-26, 2014) presents a special live performance 'IMPULSE ART' by artist DANIEL PONTET who will be painting with his feet inspired by 'Candombe' -a traditional rhythm of Uruguay- along with Grammy award winner violinist Federico Britos, Billboard award winner harp player Roberto Perera, Adrian Antoine and 'La Vilaro' -Drums Ensemble directed by Eloy Carrizo.

This special event pays homage to an Uruguayan cultural icon, artist Carlos Paez Vilaro who recently passed away) and it is going to start at 8:00 pm. during opening reception (7-10pm) Paez Vilaro, painter, sculptor, screen writer, musician and architect who championed Afro-Uruguayan Candombe music and dance, created colorful murals in dozen of cities around the world, and build a huge 'living sculpture' that become an icon 50-room hotel, named 'Casapueblo.'